Custom Bikes

Rob’s Radical Rides builds custom bikes that make a stylish statement.  The pictures below show the diversity and craftsmanship of some of our projects, and we look forward to creating one with you.  The cost for this type of work is $40/hr plus parts and/or paint.  Color/Flame/Paint schemes are fully customized to your specifications, as are seats, handlebars, grips, and rear-wheels.  If you are looking to create a truly unique ride contact us today for a quote.

We can convert a bike you already own.  Depending upon options, the cost ranges from $1000-1320 for the motor, controller, lithium battery and custom built wheel.  Custom paint, labor and additional parts are extra.

There are two chopper frame options.

Radical Cruiser Chopper

Ultra-Rare Stiletto Chopper


Electric Chopper Bike Specifications

  • Powered by a 36V 9.5 Ahr Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Nine Continent 20” Brushless DC front hubmotor
  • Range 12-15 miles without pedaling, ~20 miles with minimal pedaling effort
  • Charge Time:  4.5 hours for a completely discharged battery (using a 2.5 Amp charger)
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Custom Paint
  • Custom Billet Aluminum Seat Post conversion or Custom Low Rider Seat
  • Geared so that you can pedal with a comfortable cadence (rpms) at top speed
  • Wherever possible connections are soldered to ensure trouble-free operation.